VirtualBox 5.1.2 发布,开源虚拟机

时间:2016-07-24 01:20来源 作者:IT

VirtualBox 5.1.2发布,这是一个维护版本,更新如下:

  • VMM: several fixes

  • GUI: fixed screenshot if the VM is started in separate mode

  • GUI: fixed issue with double-click/opening registered file types (.vbox and .vbox-extpack) on Mac OS X (bug #15648)

    GUI: fixed a bug which made it impossible close some error/warning messages using the close button
  • GUI: weakened the control over the VM window behavior allowing to resize it across multiple screens and to use in Snap Assist techniques

  • GUI: jump to the second tab of the session information window (5.1.0 regression)

  • GUI: fix for Alt-Tab

  • Storage: fixed creating fixed size VHD images (bug #15601)

  • Storage: fixed a hang during power off if the VM was suspended before and a NVMe controller is configured

  • USB: fixed a crash under certain conditions

  • Audio: make AC'97 volume control work again (5.1.0 regression; bug #15598)

  • Audio: SB16 fixes
  • EFI: fixed access to devices attached to SATA port 2 and higher (bug #15607)

  • OVA: fix for checking certain signatures

  • OVA: fixed MAC address generation for appliances created by VirtualBox (5.1.0 regression; bug #15623)


  • API: fixed audio settings handling for older config files (bug #15626)

  • API: fixed truncation of USB product/vendor IDs on Linux hosts (5.1.0 regression; bug #15644)

  • API: fixed VRDP with authentication (bug #15653)

  • API: don't crash if there is no graphics controller configured (bug #15628)

  • Linux hosts: fixed EL5 builds (bug #15634)

  • non-Windows hosts: fixed a crash during shutdown under rare circumstances (bug #15568)

  • Linux Additions: fixed SELinux issue which prevented certain Linux guests to work in 3D mode (bug #15574)

    User Manual: updates